Sorcery Destruction Service

This service concerns all witchcrafts outside from your body, indeed the sorcerers can use a trace of you (picture, clothes, hair…) to reach you.

The witchcrafts involved on this service :

Here is an example of destruction sorcery on graves:

In this example, the symbolic method allows us to destroy witchcraft (in a cemetery) of a bewitched person.

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We can apply this symbolic method to others external witchcrafts. The procedure must be repeated between seven to eleven times to completely destroy witchcraft with the permission of God. You can ask someone around you (one of your family member) to do this method for you.

On the video example, we used a picture of the person bewitched (we can also use a piece of his clothes). Afterwards we poured on his picture Coranic water with some verses of the Coran against sorcery and verses of graves. The intentions must be very strong, finally we recovered the traces of our patient (we dont leave the traces on the grave).

We offer the external witchcraft service for those who want it.

We need on average to repeat the procedure 7 times (operations) to destroy an external witchcraft which explains the price of the service.

Total price to destroy one external witchcraft : 249$.

Total price to destroy all external witchcrafts : 399$.

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