The Treatment

The treatment depends mainly on the occult problem on itself, witchcraft or evil eye does not heal in the same way because there are several types of witchcrafts and evil eyes.

In the following, we will explain, with God’s permission, for every kind of occult problem the method to destroy it.

General treatment

The general treatment applies to any person suffering from sorcery; it is composed of several points

  • Make a lot of douaa (Prayers, invocations to God).
  • Make acts of charity (Sadaka).
  • Make showers with coranic water (Surah Fatiha , Ayat Korsi , Surah Ikhlass, Surah Falak , Surah al Nass seven times).
  • Make incense and let the smoke touch the body with reading Surah Al Falak 7 times and Surah Al Nass 7 Times.
  • Apply a mixture of oils (olive oil, black seed oil, patchouli oil, Indian costus, sidr oil) all over the body before sleep.
  • For the person suffering from lover jinns, apply on the private parts black musk oil.
  • Make Hijama.

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Specific treatment for each type of sorcery

The eaten sorcery

The eaten sorcery can be localized in the stomach or intestines, to destroy it, we use a mixture of honey with several plants: a kilo and a half of honey mixed with (50 grams in powder Black seeds, 50 grams in powder sidr, 50 grams in powder sana makki, 50 grams in powder Indian costus and 50 grams in powder ginger).

Subsequently the patient should eat 1 to 2 big spoons of this honey mixture with an empty stomach in the morning and a big spoon of this mixture at night with listening to the ruqyah against the eaten sorcery.


  • Drinking 2 liters of coran water per day.
  • The treatment lasts 11 days (if there is still eaten sorcery, we must make a three-day or one week break and then return again to 11 days).

The drunk sorcery

Sometimes your enemy wants to bewitch you with something to drink, it can be tea or coffee or whatever to which they added sorcery-fluid or blood (with reading incantation).

To treat the drink sorcery, the patient should drink twice daily infusion (like a tea ) consists of: a teaspoon of Black seeds, half a teaspoon of mustard, a quarter teaspoon of Indian costus and a quarter teaspoon of Sidr .

Each time the patient drinks the infusion, he must listen to the ruqyah against the eaten and drunk sorcery.


  • Use coranic water.
  • The treatment lasts 9 days (if there are still drunk sorcery, we must make a three-day break and resume a second time to 9 days).
  • Induce vomiting weekly on the morning with coranic water and salt (not recommended for people with high blood pressure).

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The Graves’s sorcery

Wizards may use graves to put  witchcraft, several locations are possible near the grave, the body of a dead person, near the feet of the body , the head of the corpse … that kind of witchcraft is used for several objectives:

  • Making a person like dead, cause diseases…
  • Block the person (in life, in studies, to have children …)
  • Destruction of your vital energy

To destroy witchcraft on the cemetery , we must know what kind of cemetery sorcerer puts the witchcraft ( Muslim cemetery , Christian or Jew ) thereafter the patient must make ablution with coranic water (preferably coranic water with graves verses) and must retrieve ablution water in several bottles (there are 7 bottles ) thereafter you must go to the cemetery of the same type as they put your sorcery and sprinkle on several graves (7 graves) with intent and douaa (read Surah al falak and ask god to destroy your witchcraft at the cemetery) the procedure must be 7 times or even 11 times if there are witches demons related to this witchcraft.

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  • It is necessary that the water touches the sand of the cemetery.
  • If witchcraft buried in the graves is related to the planets and stars, we must apply the method to destroy the link with the planets and stars.
  • Make showers with coranic water (Graves Ayat).
  • Listen to the ruqyah against graves sorcery.
  • Apply the mixture of oils before sleeping.

The Hanged sorcery

Wizards may use the trees to hang sorcery, this kind of sorcery is activated when the wind is suffering on the tree. The method to destroy that witchcraft is take a photo of the bewitched person with a piece of his clothes and hang them in a tree afterwards we take the water that comes coranisée ablutions of the person bewitched and we spray the tree with intent and douaa (all reading surah al falak ) .

We must repeat the process many times (21 times in cases).


If witchcraft is made on a dead tree, we must make the entire procedure on a dead tree by adding the “Verses of rebirth”.

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The sprayed sorcery

There is some type of sorcery which are sprayed before doors of houses, inside the house or on the exterior walls of the house.

To destroy this sorcery we must take a bucket of 20 L of water, coran water with Surat al Fatiha, Ayat Al Korsi , Surat Al-Ikhlas , Surah Al-Falak and Surat Al-Nass 7 times, add 10 large spoons of salt and 10 spoons of vinegar and we try to spray the whole house above the door entry , exterior walls and interior corners. Thereafter we must incense the house, the best incense is based on: Black Seed, Harmel seed, Figel, Mustard seeds, Sidr, Indian Costus , Heltite.

For the person who suffers from sprayed sorcery, the best method to cut ties with that sorcery is to rinse with water that comes from three different wells. (Make a mixture of water coming from 3 wells and rinse your entire body, you have to rub the head and feet).


While the house is incensed, it is necessary to Play Surat Al Bakara, the windows should be opened.

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The sorcery on the sea

Witches can put sorcery in a bottle and throw the sea, to destroy this kind of sorcery the patient must make ablutions with coran water (Preferably coran water with the verses of the sea) and we take ablutions water in Several bottles (7 bottles) thereafter you must go to the sea and pour ablution water with intention and douaa (read Surah Al Falak and Ask God to destroy sorcery putted on the sea).

This procedure must be redone 7 Times till 11 Times for old Witchcraft.

The Buried witchcraft

Wizards can bury witchcraft underground near your home, in a forest, in a cemetery or in another place, this kind of sorcery is activated and draws its strength from the earth.

The method to destroy this witchcraft is to take a picture of the bewitched person with a piece of his clothes and bury them in the same place where they put witchcraft (a copy of the place: a forest, near the house in a cemetery…) afterwards we take coran water from the bewitched person and we pour the water on the traces buried with intention and douaa (with reading Surat Al Falak ).

This procedure must be redone many times (21 times in cases).

Evil eye Treatment

The evil eye is a poison sent from the jealous person on the soul of the victim, jealousy is a warm dark energy that localizes into the coveted part (head if it is in relation to knowledge and education, the hair if compared to the beauty of hair, the face compared to facial beauty …) it can touch a piece of furniture, home or relationship between husband and wife…

To remove the evil eye of jealousy on a patient, we’ll take cold water in a large bucket mixed with salt (200g), alum in powder (25g) and sidr in powder (25g).

Important: the mixture should never touch your eyes or hair.

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Subsequently the patient should be put into the bucket and listen ruqyah against the evil eye.

For home, we take an incense mixture based on: Black Seed, Indian Costus, Figel , Harmel , Mustard Seed, Salt and we incense the house with putting ruqyah against the evil eye.

The ruqyah against evil eye

Links with planets and stars Treatement

Wizards can link witchcraft to one or many planets (or stars), witchcraft made with the horoscope of the victim is linked to a set of stars, The most used planets or stars (in order of most used) are: the Sun, the Moon (satellite), Mars, Jupiter, Venus , Saturn, Mercury . Any witchcraft can be linked to a planet, For example on an eaten sorcery: the witch can take a small piece of meat and put it under the sun or incense the meat with incantation in direction of the sun and then give the victim to eat, another example with witchcraft in the cemetery: the sorcerer can take a human skull, put the picture of the victim with intention inside the skull, incense the skull in front of the moon and bury everything in a tomb … ( witchcraft of death or destruction).

Surat Al Qamar (Surat the moon)

The Hour has come near, and the moon has split [in two]. And if they see a miracle, they turn away and say, “Passing magic.”

These witchcraft takes their energies from the planets and stars , which gives them the power to regenerate themselves, this is why to destroy these witchcraft we first must destroy the link to the planets and stars that give them that power.These composed witchcraft (related party to the upper world and the other party related to the lower world) can be destroyed in two steps.

Destruction of the link with the planets and stars The victim must take incense, the best incense is a mixture based on: Black Seed, Indian Costus, Figel, Harmel, Thyme, Mustard Seed and Sidr.Must present intention that we incense the body in order to destroy any links between the victim and the planets.

Then bewitched incenses the body by putting the ruqyah of planets and stars , the intention is very important, the person may repeat for example: ” In the name of God Almighty, all connections with the Sun, Moon , Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are destroyed ” To destroy the link with the sun, bewitched needs to incense the day (around noon) compared to connections with the stars or the moon the procedure is made on the night, that is why it is recommended to make incense is 2 times per day, once during the day around noon and again at night.  The treatment lasts 21 days.

Ruqyah about planets and stars



We are specialized to destroy sorcery and evil eye for more than 10 years. Our ruqyah methods have evolved.  Our diagnostic methods are based on several sources of information like :

  • Dreams.
  • General state of the patient.
  • Reactions after listening to some coran verses.

Sometimes, it occurs that the patient don’t react to any ruqyah, meanwhile, the witchcraft is present.

Processes such as djinns catching can help us to better detect the presence of an occult problem. Djinns catching does not make an alliance with the djinn nor worship them. Djinns catching it is only an effective way to convert Djinns and to have information concerning the sorcery. To summarize, ruqyah is a science, that as long as there is no associationism, everything is permitted.

The treatment evolved too, all the herbs that we use are cited on the Coran or on the sunnah, the treatments that we developped have shown their effectiveness to destroy sorcery with the permission of Allah.

Our method is based on:

  • Listening to Ruqyah Chariya.
  • Treatements based on herbs.
  • Make Douaa and Charity.
  • Hijama or Cupping therapy.
  • Adhkar and protections.

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